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Our Story

Founded with Sage Enviro Tech, Sage Chemical Cleaning Solutions and Decontamination is your team of experts! Previously, many of our team have worked for other companies before the development of Sage. This experience helped us to develop a new idea that we felt was missing in the industry; a company that has the customer in mind not just its company profits.

 Sage provides personal care and service to our customers and our team members. With many of our engineers and senior staff, having 20+ years of experience, we provide a vast array of successful, safe, and cost-effective solutions to your facilities. Our experienced team has established Sage Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination as a leader in our industry with hard work ethic, determination, and dedication to excellence. The Sage Team knowledge and experience always ensures your facility a superior product, who will also deliver on time and on budget.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Sage Chemical Cleaning Solutions and Decontamination to invest in our families, our people, our communities and our business partners to gain stability and profitability while honoring our integrity.

Building on the in-depth experience and technical knowledge of our staff, we provide exceptional value for our customers. By delivering professionalism and attainable goals for you, we strive to develop successful long-term business relationships through mutual trust and respect.

It is Sage Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination’s policy to conduct business in a manner that protects mutual integrity and safety (employees, customers, public). Our company is committed to on-going efforts to identify, eliminate and manage safety risks associated with services provided.

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