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Unit Deinventory and Decontamination System

Unit Deinventory System

  • Unit drain header piping system that is customizable to suit each individual project
  • The system collects all waste streams(liquid and vapor) in our specially designed piping to prevent accidental atmospheric releases.
  • Compliant with most facility’s MOC requirements
  • Designed to allow connections of ¾”, 2” ,3”,4”,6” low point drains of towers, drums and exchangers 
  • Cleanout valves installed on the ends of all manifolds for final clean out prior to removal
  • Isolation valves are installed throughout according to the timeline supplied by the plant.  The purpose is to allow removal of manifold sections prior to completion.
  • Pressure gauges are installed throughout the manifold.
  • Condenser collapses and/or condenses steam into a pumpable effluent
  • Special self-contained effluent pumps are installed 
  • Surge tank can be installed for larger project at aid in effluent disposal

A dual high-temperature air operated diaphragm pump is installed to allow the condensed effluent to be pumped to refinery tankage.

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